L.E.A.D Summer of Purpose

Launching young people into their destiny through discovering purpose.

“Statistics show that a large percentage of our youth that enter college, walk away from their Christian faith in their freshmen year. Lennette and I have decided to be a part of the solution and help prepare them for success in every area of their lives no matter which direction they feel called.”

– Pastor Steve Deal

LOVE – Encourage you to love God, others, yourself, and the Church more. You will learn how to love. Jesus simplified the 10 commandments to two “Love God with all your heart, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”

ELEVATE – Learn how to elevate your thinking, position, hope, profitability (what you can give back to society). Weekly mentoring and teaching by leaders who will motivate you raise the bar in every area of your life.

ACTIVATE – Helping you to find out what your gifts are and activate them through dreams, vision mapping and creativity. Leaders from colleges and universities, local businesses, and the market place will help you prepare for college and job interviews such as cover letters, resumes preparation along with gift and personality assessments.

DEDICATE – Becoming more dedicated to God, His plan and purpose for your life. Opportunities for worship, prayer, camp, retreat, outreach and service.