Jordan Deal

Connect with Jordan:

Jordan Deal is an international speaker and worship leader. His mission is to pastor artisans, musicians, and worship leaders to love people and the church more than their craft. Jordan has been in the ministry his whole life. He has had the opportunity to work alongside many ministries in the process, including leading worship at MorningStar Ministries, and helping to plant a church in Tampa, FL. He has helped pastor local churches wherever he has lived and has traveled the country extensively speaking and leading worship.

Jordan has released 4 albums. “Beautiful Questions” was released in July, 2013 as a solo project, “Wake Us Up” in August, 2015 and “Mirrors” in February, 2016 with Ignited Music. His latest album “Wildfire Live” was released in 2017 and is the first “Live Album” he has done. One of his main goals is to raise up a community of worship leaders who write songs for the local church and the Body of Christ at large.

Jordan, his wife Ruth, along with their daughters Selah and Emma, spend their time doing life with friends, family, and developing community among local artisans.