Recently I was sent a prophetic Word through email by Kathi Pelton. It will be included at the end of my writing.  It spoke loudly to me as to the call on Steve and my life right now. We both felt we made our plans based on a Word from the Father. We sold everything we owned but a few items willing to start all over. We lived with other people for 3.5 years (never expected that) in order to fulfill the call on our lives for St. Augustine to establish a ministry training center, or launching pad, as we have come to call it. We have prayed over property and buildings that we knew could fit the vision as we tried to walk out obedience to the best of our hearing. We have planted stakes in the ground; taken communion; poured anointing oil on the ground and in the ground as we prayed only to see the properties sell…3 times now! Reading stories of YWAM visionary, Loren Cunningham, who believed God for property he felt was God ordained but watched it sell three times before it was his and God did the miraculous in His time.  Oh how many times I have asked God if we missed Him. Why are we not seeing what we felt was spoken in the manner we felt it was spoken? THEN SUDDENLY we are contacted by an organization we were part of for 25 years, after resigning 10 years prior, to consider pastoring another home Missions church in a similar community of that which we had pastored and resigned from 10 years ago…IN A CITY NOT CALLED St. Augustine, but Holly Hill. Did we miss something? Did we miss God? Have we been in the wrong city? So much miraculously lined up and His Words were so loud at one time. Is our season over here in St. Augustine OR is it both cities? Did our tent stakes just expand?

We do know without a doubt we were to take the church in Holly Hill and pastor the people!!! We are loving it and loving the people. Man (us) planning our ways according to what we thought we heard and the Lord establishing our steps is taking on a fresh meaning with a fresh experience. Holly Hill isn’t spelled anything like St. Augustine! I love St. Augustine! BUT waiting to see what God unfolds and what He closes. Ever been there?

Steve and I are just walking it out the best we know how. Steve keeps reminding me that Paul set out for cities He felt God was directing and he got redirected and God wouldn’t allow him to go. What a journey this is. Deciding to just enjoy the journey… just keeping it real! We are RealDeal Ministries after all. Lol 


Read the Word below from Kathi Pelton. It is timeless and might need to be read, at least once a day, for the rest of your (our) lives. 


He Will Establish Your Steps!
A Word by Kathi Pelton

One of my favorite verses is from Proverbs 16:9,

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

This is a promise to all His sons and daughters! In the midst of being those who merely “see in part” and then make our plans according to partial seeing and understanding; we are assured that the Lord will step in to establish our steps! This is such an incredible revelation of a truth that brings us both peace and rest from striving or anxious thoughts.

I have watched the Lord interrupt my plans with the establishment of His steps for my life so many times. I have learned to rest in the assurance that “if I get it wrong” that He will intervene and establish my steps according to His perfect will. We obey and make our plans according to the best of our hearing and understanding; then we can rest and rely upon Him to establish those steps.

I’ve shared the following story before but it’s worth repeating. Three years ago my son-in-law, Luke, called me to ask me to pray for him. He had some huge decisions to make that were causing him a lot of anxiety. He wanted to be a faithful son to God and husband to our daughter by making the right decisions. As I went to prayer I heard the Lord speak to me saying,

“Tell Luke that he cannot miss!”

To be honest, I didn’t believe I heard right! I know my Father’s voice but these words didn’t seem right. I pondered about all of the ways we can “miss God!” I prayed again and heard the exact same words. This happened three times. Finally, I said to the Lord,

“If this is You, I need it confirmed through Your Word!”

Immediately I heard the verse from Proverbs 16:9. Then He said,

“Kathi, when you commit your plans to Me, I promise to establish your steps. The ones who do this can’t miss!”

This was so freeing! It not only became a word of assurance for my son but for my life as well. He was able to make a decision based on what he felt was right in his heart and we have watched God establish his steps in the most profound ways since that time.

Today, my husband and I set off on another “walk by faith, not by sight” ministry journey (I’m writing this in a plane at 35,000 feet). This particular journey took a lot of planning and a lot of faith. When resistance came we sought the Lord and continued with our plans according to the understanding of our hearts and His promise to establish our steps. Even the provision of this journey was resisted but we heard, “Go forward and watch me establish your steps and the provision as you go.”

Yesterday, we miraculously had provision come in to begin the journey and then this morning we woke up at 3 a.m. to catch an early flight only to find that more provision had come forth from a “spiritual son”. Then, as we were boarding the plane more came through. It was as if our steps were splashing favor and blessing upon us as we walked forward. Isn’t our Father faithful!!

I share this with you to encourage you! We know that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy; therefore may our testimony prophesy over your plans and steps. As you commit your plans to Him, He will surely establish your steps. You can’t miss! Just as we stepped forward, not seeing what was needed but hearing to go forth (then within the first 24-hours we saw provision establish our steps), so the same will happen for you.

We have watched this happen for over twenty years now but it has been happening for God’s people from the days of Noah, Abraham and all those who committed their plans to the Lord.

He will establish your steps so do not fear making your plans. You will watch as divine redirections, interruptions and supernatural resources touch the path you walk on. Your steps will splash favor and blessing upon you as you step forth in the assurance of His faithfulness.

He is so, so good!